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What’s the difference between WonupShop and daily deals sites?

The difference between WonupShop and a daily deal site lies in their approach and focus. While both offer discounts, WonupShop distinguishes itself through its unique hybrid marketplace experience. With SeatPlay games, users can win 80% off discounts, adding a gaming element to the process. Importantly, WonupShop takes the initiative to offer the discounts to users, ensuring that businesses do not incur losses. We work closely with our network of local partners to provide quality products and services that meet our high standards. Moreover, WonupShop places a strong emphasis on supporting local businesses by connecting users with a network of trusted and reliable partners. In contrast, daily deal sites primarily focus on time-limited deals from various merchants, without the same level of control over product quality or services. WonupShop offers a more interactive and community-centric approach, combining gaming excitement, local business support, and access to quality products in a single platform.

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Updated on: 10/07/2023

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