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What is the SeatPlay?

SeatPlay™ is an exciting game feature that hides an 80% discount underneath a single seat. To participate in SeatPlay, simply click on the product of your interest and use the credits in your account to occupy the seat that you believe holds the discount. In just a few seconds, you will find out if you have won!

Found the discount? Congratulations! You have won the 80% discount. To get the product you will need to pay the remaining balance indicated as "Winner Pays".

Didn't find it? You do not lose! You still have two options:

1) Buy Now: You can purchase the product you SeatPlayed within the hour.
2) Buy Later: The credits you used in SeatPlay are transferred in the Marketplace account for future purhases.

So, you never lose in SeatPlay. You simply get to enjoy the unique opportunity to win the largest discount before buying.

Updated on: 23/04/2023

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